Workshop on Parthenium hysterophorus

The IPM Innovation Lab team co-hosted a workshop in Ethiopia on the biological control and management of the viciously invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus, which has much of Ethiopian farmland in a stranglehold.

Parthenium_hysterophorusParthenium is one of IPM Innovation Lab’s global themes, which refer to IPM IL projects that address worldwide pest management challenges. Wondi Mersie from Virginia State University is the project’s principal investigator.

The purpose of July’s workshop was to review the current status of parthenium in the world and discuss management practices that can be used to abate its  impacts. The workshop brought together scientists working on parthenium from Africa and other parts of the world to share information on the biology and management of this weed. The workshop facilitated collaboration among researchers from both within Ethiopia and internationally.


Workshop on Parthenium hysterophorus

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