Virender Kumar

Principal Investigator, Ecologically-based Participatory IPM Packages for Rice in Cambodia (EPIC)

Education: Ph. D., Weed Science, Cornell University; M.Sc., Agronomy, C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University; B.Sc., Agriculture, C.C.S. Haryana Agricultural University.


Virender Kumar is a Senior Scientist – Weed Science/Systems Agronomy at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). He leads the ‘Adaptive Agronomy and Pest Ecology (AAPE) Cluster’ of the Sustainable Impact Platform of IRRI. Virender’s research for development (R4D) program is focused on the sustainable intensification of crop and cropping systems and developing integrated weed management (IWM) for rice-based systems in South and Southeast Asia. It involves a combination of process-based agronomy and integrated weed management in novel production systems, including adaptive solutions for coping with climate extremes and resource limitations. Prior to joining IRRI, he has worked with International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) as a Cropping Systems Agronomist. Over the years, many R4D products have been developed including profitable IWM options for rice, wheat, and maize; identification of sustainable intensification pathways for rice and rice-based cropping systems; understanding and closing cereals yield gaps due to crop management practices using advanced analytical approaches; ICT-based decision tools for precision weed and nutrient management; and solutions to increase climate resilience. He has published nearly 50 scientific papers in refereed international journals.


Phone: +63 (2) 580-5600 ext 2704 | Email: