Trip Reports Phase V

Management Entity

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
Nepal, Bangladesh and CambodiaLawrence E. DatnoffJanuary 28 to February 11, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
NepalR. MuniappanJanuary 24 to February 4, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaNguyen Van HoaJuly 10-13, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EgyptR. MuniappanNovember 2-14, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaA. FayadJuly 2-21, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
Ethiopia, NigerR. Muniappan, S. Parker, Z. Shortt, G. GhoshJuly 7-21, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
VietnamR. MuniappanMay 20-27, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
Ethiopia, KenyaR. MuniappanApril 25-May 4, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
VietnamR. MuniappanFebruary 28-March 3, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaA. FayadFebruary 18-25, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
SenegalA. FayadFebruary 6-10, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
Bangladesh, Cambodia, NepalA. Fayad, E. Heinrichs, K. MarkgrafJanuary 21-February 6, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
NepalR. Muniappan, J. Sidhu, S.ParkerJanuary 5-15, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaA. FayadDecember 11-21, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
Cambodia and BangladeshR. Muniappan, E.A. Heinrichs, and J. SidhuNovember 29-December 8, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
Cambodia and MalaysiaE.A. Heinrichs and R. MuniappanSeptember 3-11, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaJ. Eisenback and P. VieiraAugust 12-28, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaA. Fayad and N. RayapatiAugust 4-17, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.A.Srinivasan RamasamyJuly 5-10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaE.A. Heinrichs and S. ParkerJune 11-19, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
Cambodia/VietnamE.A. Heinrichs and R. MuniappanApril 23-May 1, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
Cambodia/Bangladesh/NepalE.A. Heinrichs and R. MuniappanJanuary 21-February 7, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaM. RichDecember 11-20, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EgyptR. MuniappanOctober 17-23, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaB. GebrekidanJuly 19–July 23, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
Tanzania/ArushaR. AmataJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
GermanyB. GebrekidanAugust 22-29, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
GermanyE. HeinrichsAugust 21-29, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
GermanyR. MuniappanAugust 21-29, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieAugust 27-September 5, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaJ. MbakaJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaE. NjeruJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaM. OtipaJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaG. RiunguJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaG. AlworaJuly 19-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaZ. Shortt, R. MuniappanJuly 17-26, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
Vietnam & CambodiaR. MuniappanNovember 28-December 14, 2014Download PDF Download A4
Kenya & EthiopiaR. MuniappanFebruary 7-22, 2015Download PDF Download A4
Malawi & EthiopiaR. Muniappan, B. GebrekidanApril 15-24, 2015Download PDFDownload A4

Biological Control of Parthenium

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
EthiopiaR. Molo and S. OkutaDec 16-20, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaM. KaboleDec 16-19, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaW. MersieMay 25-June 1, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieDecember 13-30, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaD. SumnerJuly 7-24, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaL. StrathieJuly 3-8, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieJune 29-July 15, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieMay 10-19, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
NepalW. MersieJanuary 6-14, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieDecember 16-30, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaA. Witt, W. Nunda, F. MakaleNovember 14-17, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
South AfricaWinnie NundaAugust 28-September 10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieMay 11-21, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaL. StrathieDecember 12-21, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaW. MersieDecember 10-20, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaS. MacriceDecember 13 -18, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaM.E. ChristieDecember 15-22, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaM. KasinaDecember 13-19, 2015Download PDFDownload A4

Climate Change and Biodiversity

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
NepalN. Krakauer, A. Jha, T. Lakhankar, D. Lohman, J. Anadon, T. DoleckJanuary 5-15, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
Nepal, IndiaA. JhaSeptember 11-18, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
NepalNir KrakauerJanuary 25 - February 5, 2016Download PDFDownload A4

Rice IPM for Cambodia

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
CambodiaBuyung HadiMay 28-31, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
ThailandNeang ChannethMay 14-19, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaTri SetiyonoApril 10-14, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaAlex StuartMarch 19-22, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
PhilippinesS. Pisey, C. Sokunroth, C. CheythirithMarch 6-16, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaJhoana OpeñaFebruary 20-23, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
PhilippinesRica Joy FlorFebruary 6-23, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaRicardo OlivaFebruary 6-8, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaJ.L. CantindigJanuary 16-21, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
PhilippinesRica Joy FlorJanuary 2-5, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaH. ReissigNovember 27-December 10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaD. Pfeiffer + C. RiedelNovember 29-December 5, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaB. Hadi, N. Castilla, Z. Feng, I.R. Choi, V. Kumar, A. Stuart, + E. GenilNovember 27-December 3, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaG. Johnson and P. KongSeptember 12-17, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaN. Castilla, J. Opeña, S. VillarealJuly 18-20, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaA. Stuart, N. Castilla, J. Opeña, S. VillarealJune 15-July 30, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaG. Norton + S. JacksonJuly 4-7, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaC. GarciaJune 12-June 18, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaB. Hadi + collaboratorsApril 26-29, 2016Download PDFDownload A4

Modeling for Invasive Species

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
NepalV. SridharJanuary 9-14, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
NepalS. VenkatramananJanuary 7-16, 2017Download PDFDownload A4

Exportable Fruit Crops in Vietnam

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
VietnamN. RayapatiFebruary 28-March 11, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
VietnamR. MizellFebruary 12-24, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
VietnamM.E. ChristieJune 23-July 10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.Tri MaiJuly 5-10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4

Grains IPM in East Africa

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
EthiopiaPaddy LikhayoDecember 20-22, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaTadele TeferaDecember 18-21, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaTadele TeferaMarch 24-27, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaTadele Tefera and P. KigoMarch 11-12, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaP. KigoJanuary 19, 2018 - February 7, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaTadele TeferaJanuary 15-17, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaP. KigoJuly 15-20, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaT. TeferaJune 10-16, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaMenale KassieApril 14-21, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
TanzaniaT. TeferaApril 2-9, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaT. TeferaMarch 27-31, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaT. Tefera, P. Kigo, P. LikhayoFebruary 8-13, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaJ. KorirJanuary 17-29, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
KenyaTadele TeferaDecember 19-22, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaP. LikhayoNovember 2-7, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaI. HashimNovember 2-5, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaJ. BonaventureNovember 1-6, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaJ. KorirNovember 2-5, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
EthiopiaM. ElibarikiNovember 2-6, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.Tadele TeferaJuly 5-10, 2016Download PDFDownload A4

Vegetable IPM in East Africa

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
KenyaJ. Cardina, M. Erbaugh, and othersMarch 18-25, 2017Download PDF Download A4
TanzaniaJ. Cardina, M. Kleinhenz, and othersFebruary 10-18, 2017Download PDF Download A4
TanzaniaS. Miller, L. Canas, R. Gilbertson, S. Kihara, H. Muthengi, J. MbakaAugust 19-26, 2016Download PDF Download A4
Kenya/TanzaniaJohn Cardina and J. Mark ErbaughJuly 30-August 6, 2016Download PDF Download A4
Kenya/Tanzania/EthiopiaJohn CardinaMarch 27-April 7, 2016Download PDF Download A4

Vegetable IPM in Asia

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
Cambodia, Bangladesh, NepalE. Heinrichs, Amer Fayad, Megan O’Rourke, George Norton, Cristina Rosa, Ed Rojotte, Jonathan Jacobs, Lawrence Datnoff, Muni MuniappanJan 23 - Feb 15, 2018Download PDFDownload A4
NepalKaitlyn SpanglerMay 1 - July 6, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
NepalMaria Elisa ChristieMay 30-June 10, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
CambodiaMegan O'RourkeApril 30-May 8, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
Bangladesh, Cambodia, NepalG. Norton, C. Rosa, E. Rajotte, M. SmithJanuary 21-February 6, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
NepalShahadath HossainJanuary 9-14, 2017Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.A.Ram KhadkaAugust 29, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.A.Sulav PaudelAugust 12, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
Bangladesh/Cambodia/NepalGeorge Norton and Sulav PaudelJanuary 21-February 9, 2016Download PDFDownload A4

Regional Awards

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
U.S.A.Vanhoa NguyenMarch 21-29, 2015Download PDF Download A4

Associate Awards

CountryTraveler(s)Dates of TravelLetter (8.5 x 11)A4
NepalA. Fayad, N. RayapatiFebruary 20-March 5, 2016Download PDFDownload A4
BangladeshA. Fayad, N. RayapatiJuly 19-29, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
U.S.A.S. PaudelNovember 28 - December 14, 2014Download PDFDownload A4
Bangladesh & NepalG. NortonApril 5 - 15, 2015Download PDFDownload A4
NepalA. Fayad
N. Rayapati
April 3 - 17, 2015Download PDFDownload A4