Packages and PERSUAPS


IPM packages are holistic suites of IPM recommendations and practices for the production of vegetables and other crops. Farmers who use IPM packages in planting, production, and throughout the supply chain see enhanced profitability in their crops. The recommended practices in IPM packages cover economically significant pest species over a wide range of cropping systems across the tropical
world, resulting in benefits to human health and the environment.

Chickpea Package

Pearl Millet Package

Lentils Package

Eggplant Package

Onion Package

Tomato Package

Crucifers Package

Pepper Package

Beans Package

Rice Package

Maize Package

Longan Package


Pesticide Evaluation Report and Safer Use Action Plans (PERSUAPS) must be approved by USAID before pesticides can be used in a certain area in a country. 

Fall Armyworm PERSUAP (2019-2024)

Fall Armyworm PERSUAP (2017 version)

Tuta absoluta PERSUAP


Cambodia Rice PERSUAP

Asia Vegetable PERSUAP