Contract Documents

Documents relating to the IPM Innovation Lab’s agreements with USAID and various US and host country institutions.

IPM CRSP Award Document – This is the June 2009 award letter granting Virginia Tech the administration of the IPM CRSP. It outlines many of the terms and conditions of Virginia Tech’s role with IPM CRSP. (110 KB)

Renewal Proposal – This was our proposal to USAID for the 2009-2014 Global Plan for the IPM CRSP. (709 KB)

Mandatory Provisions, Non-US Institutions – This document specifies the mandatory provisions for non-US institutions. (1.86 MB)

Response to Questions on Technical and Management Approach – This document details some of Virginia Tech’s approaches to the technical and management functions of administering the IPM CRSP. (24 KB)

IPM CRSP Subaward Guidelines IPM CRSP Subawardees must follow the guidelines specified in this document. (238 KB)