Parthenium Hysterophorus Workshop Presentations

Presentations from Day 1

1. A research platform for understanding the implications of Parthenium in KwaZulu-Natal (MJ Chimbari)
2. Gender Perspectives of Economic and Health Effects of Parthenium (Tesfaye)
3. Parthenium Weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) Research in Ethiopia (Taye)
4. Mass Rearing of the biological control Agent Zygogramma bicolorata
5. Management of Parthenium in E and S Africa Using Integrated Cultural & Biological Measures (Mersie)
6. Current distribution of parthenium weed in Kenya and potential impact on critical ecosystems (Wabuyele)
7. Parthenium weed survey and management in Uganda 2008-2013 (Kyeyune)
8. Regeneration of Natural Pasture in Enclosures for Parthenium Weed Management (Nigatu)
9. Plan to Evaluate the Impact of Biological Agents on the Invasive Weed Parthenium (Bekele)
10. Alien Plant Species Invasions in Ethiopia: Challenges and Responses (Fessehaie)
11. Current Status of Parthenium Weed in Oromia Regional States (Oromiya)
12. General Photos

Presentations from Day 2

1. Rust fungi implemented as biocontrol agents against Parthenium in South Africa (Den Breeyen)
2. Biocontrol of Parthenium: Monitoring and Evaluation (Dhileepan)
3. Host-range study on the stem-boring weevil (Alemayehu)
4. Host-specificity study on the leaf feeding beetlle of Zygograma bicolorata (Kassahun)
5. The Epiblema “Dilemma“ (McConnachie)
6. Baseline Condition of Parthenium Weed at the Release sites of Biocontrol Agents (Nigatu)
7. Biological control of Parthenium in South Africa: releases & future prospects (Strathie)
8. Aspects of field implementation for the biological control of Parthenium (Strathie)


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