Long-Term Training

We support students in their educational and professional goals while they pursue degrees in areas related to IPM.

When we talk about long-term training, we are referring to the students we support while they earn their degrees in areas related to IPM. The students we support seek degrees in fields as diverse as agricultural economics, crop science, entomology, geography, horticulture, plant biotechnology, plant pathology, plant science, public planning, and plant virology. They conduct research for programs that often becomes the basis of their thesis projects; they represent program work at sites and at international conferences; and they continue their work in IPM beyond graduation.

Investing in people means that IPM becomes integrated into a country on a large scale at a variety of levels. These young scientists and researchers will be the next generation responsible for crop protection in their home countries: they become government officials responsible for setting and implementing agricultural policy; they become professors who teach and perform research; and they serve on international agricultural bodies. In this way, IPM IL carries out its charge to effect lasting change for the long haul.

For our individual programs, training degree-seeking students is closely linked to research activities and aligned with program objectives. Since long-term training is an integral part of each research program, an IPM IL researcher usually finds other sources of leveraged funds to partially support trainees.

Training is also made available to young U.S. scientists who plan for careers in international crop protection and development work. Their training addresses specific host country IPM questions, opportunities, and constraints.