Capacity Building

For the IPM IL, capacity building goes beyond numbers on a page. It’s about investing in people and providing them with the tools and knowledge to learn, teach, grow, and discover.

Investing in people means that IPM becomes integrated into a country on a large scale at a variety of levels. The people who the IPM IL supports become government officials responsible for setting and implementing agricultural policy; they become professors who teach and perform research; and they serve on international agricultural bodies. In this way, the IPM IL carries out its charge to bring lasting change for the long haul.

Long-term training – We support students in their educational and professional goals while they pursue degrees in areas related to IPM.

Short-term training – All of our programs hold workshops, seminars, farmer field schools, field days, and train-the-trainer sessions for quick infusions of information. These shorter term training efforts complement long-term training in a valuable way: they get information out quickly and broadly to large numbers of people.