Video Gallery

Pesticide Safety Trainings: Training 1 and Training 2

In collaboration with Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA), the IPM Innovation Lab conducted two trainings on pesticide safety.

Virginia Tech Program Plants Seeds of Innovation for Cambodian Rice Farmers

The IPM Innovation Lab and IRRI introduce new tools to Southeast Asia, prompting farmers to demonstrate their own ingenuity.

Biological Control of the Millet Head Miner: Preparing for the Release of Natural Enemies

In collaboration with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Sorghum and Millet, the IPM Innovation Lab helps mitigate the devastating millet head miner with the use of natural enemies. 

Fall Armyworm Management in Africa and Asia

With devastation from the fall armyworm on the rise, the IPM Innovation Lab is looking to biological control as the safest, most economical, and productive method for its management. 


Virginia Tech’s Biocomplexity Institute and IPM Innovation Lab collaborate on specialized online project management tool

Organizing documents and travel for international projects can be difficult because there are so many stakeholders collaborating together. Now, with this specialized online portal, organization will be exponentially easier, quicker, and more efficient. 

Virginia Tech helps Nepal mobilize against devastating pest


Climate change increases the risk for invasive species as more hospitable weather allows movement into new areas. With no natural enemies to stop it, the tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta can wipe out a country’s tomato harvest.

IPM IL’s workshop in Cambodia invokes power of the ‘fighting fungus’


Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus that is great at eating “bad” fungi as well as promoting plant growth. For developing countries where crop pests and diseases are a major problem, Trichoderma is a vital tool. To help spread awareness, the IPM Innovation Lab recently held a Trichoderma workshop at the Royal University of Agriculture in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Virginia Tech experts work to save Ethiopian farmlands


Scientists have dubbed Parthenium hysterophorus, a species of flowering plant in the aster family, the “worst weed of the century.” The IPM Innovation Lab has a project to fight the weed in East Africa.

Students, professors examine ways to improve lives and agriculture in Ecuador


Virginia Tech students traveled to Ecuador to learn more about IPM packages that decrease erosion and deforestation and improve crop yields and quality.

The Tiny Fungi Playing a Giant Role


An inexpensive, environmentally-friendly fungus called Trichoderma is used by the IPM Innovation Lab to reduce farmers’ need for expensive chemical fungicides.

Taking Aim at a Bitter Weed


Researchers from the IPM Innovation Lab and their regional partners have been working to help farmers in Ethiopia, a country heavily affected by this pernicious weed.

Tuta Absoluta: Combating the Tomato Leafminer


IPM Innovation Lab interventions in Ethiopia focus on the tomato leafminer – a pest that causes devastation on tomato crops in Europe, Africa and South America