Nepal workshop in full swing

Plant pathology in action

The IPM Innovation Lab (IPM IL) organized a six-day workshop on “Disease Diagnosis and Basic Plant Pathological Techniques for Early Career Scientists” in collaboration with the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and iDE Nepal at the regional NARC station in Khajura, Banke, during ¬†April 6-12, 2015.

More than 30 participants are in attendance, hailing from universities and agricultural resource centers all over Nepal. The participants are learning the principles of identification, isolation, and purification of bacterial and fungal diseases, extraction and testing of botanicals against fungal diseases. The workshop is particularly focusing on plant virus diseases, especially those of importance to Nepal and South Asia.

Participants received hands-on experience identifying virus symptoms in the field, collecting samples for disease identification and experimenting with virus detection methods.

IPM IL Associate Director Amer Fayad and plant pathologist Naidu Rayapati from Washington State contributed to the sections covering plant virus diseases, and NARC scientists led the fungal and bacterial diseases sessions – this is an example of drawing on local expertise and supplementing it with expertise from the US to train the next generation of agricultural scientists and extension personnel for overall capacity building in Nepal.

Participants takes a break from activities to snap a group photo.


Nepal workshop in full swing

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