Innovation Lab’s work cuts crop losses

Halting climate change-induced crop losses could relieve pressure on farmers who are trying to satisfy burgeoning populations, according to IPM Innovation Lab researchers. With world population projected to hit nine billion in 2050, two factors in addition to climate change require dramatic responses – invasive species and loss of biodiversity caused by pesticide misuse.

Adopting integrated pest management practices could reduce food-crop losses by 50 percent, writes Muni Muniappan, who directs the IPM Innovation Lab. He and co-author Elvis A. Heinrichs, the Asia program manager, share their recommendations in a piece in the August edition of the journal Outlooks on Pest Management.

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The Virginia Tech press release on this research may be found here.

The article itself, in PDF format, may be found here. This article appeared in Volume 26, the August issue of Outlooks on Pest Management, published by Research Information Ltd., and is made available here with the publisher’s permission. Copies of OPM articles are available on the IngentaConnect platform at .

Innovation Lab’s work cuts crop losses