Associate Awards

Feed the Future Nepal Integrated Pest Management (FTFNIPM): Associate Award

FTFNIPM is a U.S. Agency for International Development-funded project that aims to strengthen the capacity of Nepal’s agricultural system to safely, effectively, and sustainably respond to and manage existing and emerging threats to plant health. FTFNIPM supports the inclusive transfer and adoption of IPM technologies and packages for the FTF focus value chains of vegetables, maize, rice, and lentil across Nepal, enhancing the enabling environment for safe and effective plant protection.


Komal Pradhan 

Chief of Party

iDE, Nepal

Ajaya Shree Ratna Bajracharya

Senior Scientist, Entomology Division 

NARC, Nepal

Ghanashyam Bhandari


National Maize Research Station, Rampur, Nepal

Lalit Sah

Senior Technical Specialist 

iDE, Nepal

Keshabbaba Koirala 

National Maize Coordinator

National Maize Research Station, Rampur, Nepal

Prem Nidhi Sharma 

Chief and Senior Scientist 

NARC, Nepal

Soma Rana,

GESI Specialist,

iDE, Nepal