Abhijin Adiga

Principal Investigator, High-Resolution Monitoring of the Spread of Agricultural Invasive Species

Virginia Tech Biocomplexity Institute


Education: Ph.D., Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science; M.S., Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science; B.S., Engineering, Bangalore University.

Abhijin Adiga is a senior research associate at the Network Dynamics and Simulation Science Laboratory (NDSSL), Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech. His interests are in network science, algorithms, combinatorics and game theory with a current focus on dynamical processes over networks and design & implementation of complex simulation systems. His paper in AAAI’13 received the “Honorable Mention For Outstanding Novelty of Research Question” award.

Phone: (540) 204-6679 | Email: abhijin@vbi.vt.edu