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How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Virginia Tech team wins three awards for excellence in integrated pest management

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Regional IPM Centers have awarded the IPM Innovation Lab three awards, including a lifetime achievement award granted to Director Muni Muniappan. 

Two Insects Lead the Fight Against Destructive Invasive Weed – But There’s Still More to be Done

The release of two natural enemies against the invasive weed Parthenium hysterophorus is helping to improve agricultural lands throughout East Africa and beyond. 

2020 Integrated Pest Management Research, Data, and Findings: A Look Back

Despite a challenging year due to the spread of COVID-19, the IPM Innovation Lab continues its research programs around the world. 

Understanding GESI: Pathways to Inclusive Integrated Pest Management in Nepal

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) specialist Soma Rana gives her take on how the Feed the Future Nepal Integrated Pest Management project is seeking to address the needs, priorities, and concerns of both men and women in Nepal. 

The Gendered Impacts of Integrated Pest Management in Ethiopia and Beyond

Implementation of the Push-Pull Technology in Ethiopia is not only increasing yields, but improving livelihoods for women involved in livestock management. 

A Guide to Biological Control of the Fall Armyworm in Africa Using Egg Parasitoids 

The IPM Innovation Lab has trained dozens of researchers on methods of mass-production and release of natural enemies to be used against the fall armyworm.