What’s New?

How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Virginia Tech and Collaborators Respond to Threatened Coconut Production in Bangladesh

The IPM Innovation Lab associate award – Feed the Future Bangladesh Integrated Pest Management – is supporting training of coconut producers in Bangladesh.

Improving Food Security Through Biocontrol: Virginia Tech Program Supports Biocontrol of the Destructive Fall Armyworm in Nepal and Bangladesh

The IPM Innovation Lab has developed a “satellite” concept that aims to support researchers, students, and other stakeholders in identifying the pest and rearing and releasing its natural enemies. 

Integrated Pest Management Innovation Lab Publishes Booklet Gathering Packages for Tropical Crops

The recently published booklet covers IPM techniques for a range of crops grown in the tropical world, including eggplant, onion, crucifers, pepper, tomato, cucumber, maize, pearl millet, rice, chickpea, bean, lentil. and longan.

Students Reflect: Gender, Integrated Pest Management and the Road to Equitable Management

Since the IPM Innovation Lab’s inception in 1993, the program has supported at least 600 graduate students, many of them exploring gendered disparities in the areas of agriculture, natural resource management, food security and beyond.

A Guide to Biological Control of the Fall Armyworm in Africa Using Egg Parasitoids 

The IPM Innovation Lab has trained dozens of researchers on methods of mass-production and release of natural enemies to be used against the fall armyworm.