What’s New?

How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Celebrating Women in Science

With March being Women’s Month, the IPM Innovation Lab celebrates the many women who contribute to our projects, to science, and beyond.  

Gender Research in Vietnam: Applications for Both Farmers and Scientists 

IPM Innovation Lab collaborator Luong Thi Duyen studies tropical fruit with the Southern Horticultural Research Institute in Vietnam, but incorporating gender research into her work is giving the science a whole new meaning.

Virginia Tech, University of Virginia work to safeguard U.S. tomato industry from invasive pest

VT and UVA collaborate to protect the United States’ billion dollar tomato industry from Tuta absoluta.

Rodents and Rice: Cambodian Farmers Find Safe and Productive Ways to Fight Furry Pests

With rodents eating rice yields in Cambodia, IRRI and the IPM Innovation Lab partner to introduce sustainable methods to abate their damage. 

A Guide to Biological Control of the Fall Armyworm in Africa Using Egg Parasitoids 

The IPM Innovation Lab has trained dozens of researchers on methods of mass-production and release of natural enemies to be used against the fall armyworm.