What’s New?

How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Value-Added Food and Processes: Biocontrol Opens New Prospects in the Sahel

The IPM Innovation Lab works to help save Niger’s staple crop using holistic methods. 

Women Find Work with the Help of an Entrepreneur and a “Fighting Fungus”:

A woman in Bangladesh with ties to the IPM Innovation Lab is not only innovating Trichoderma, but the ways women find work in her community. 

Dragon Fruit Sleeving: Farmers Find Relief with Simple Technologies: 

The IPM Innovation Lab helps farmers in Vietnam use plastic sleeves to protect their dragon fruit from pests and disease. 

Virginia Tech Provides Key Intel in U.S. and Egyptian-led Battle Against a Major Pest

The IPM Innovation Lab creates an assessment that will help Egypt prepare for the potential destruction of the Fall Armyworm.