What's New?

  • VIDEO: View a how-to video for using natural enemies against the devastating millet head miner. 
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How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Modeling and Managing Invasive Species in the Developing World

The IPM Innovation Lab is implementing natural solutions to manage the spread of invasive species throughout the developing world. 

Rodents and Rice: Cambodian Farmers Find Safe and Productive Ways to Fight Furry Pests

As rodents continue to threaten rice productivity in Cambodia, farmers are innovating tools to protect their fields and increase benefits for their families.

Abating the Invasive Parthenium Weed to Improve Livestock Health

As Parthenium continues to threaten human, environmental, and animal health, the IPM Innovation Lab is releasing two natural enemies that are working to mitigate the invasive weed's scourge.

IPM Innovation Lab Conducts Virus Disease Workshop in Nepal 

Researchers from the IPM Innovation Lab conducted a hands-on workshop that will help students diagnose and manage virus diseases on valuable crops. 

Study on Push-Pull Technology Shows Valuable Links to Women's Empowerment

In addition to protecting maize from the stemborer, Push-Pull technology has important implications for women's nutrition, empowerment, and more.