What’s New?

  • Major congratulations to our very own visiting entomologist and collaborator, Tran Thi My Hanh, finalist for the Agrilinks Young Scholars Blog Contest! We are so proud to have you on the team; your work to end food insecurity in Vietnam will not go unnoticed. Look out for Hanh’s blog in the upcoming weeks on the Agrilinks website. 
  • Check out the IPM Innovation Lab’s latest news release in VT News about successful fruit sleeving and bagging in Vietnam: Virginia Tech’s Simple Fix for Vietnam Cuts Pesticide Use, Sends Bugs Packing
  • In 2018, IPM IL Director Muni Muniappan’s book Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Vegetable Crops was listed as one of the top 50% most downloaded eBooks with several thousand viewers. Download the book here!

How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Dragon Fruit Sleeving: Farmers Find Relief with Simple Technologies: 

The IPM Innovation Lab helps farmers in Vietnam use plastic sleeves to protect their dragon fruit from pests and disease. 

Women Find Work with the Help of an Entrepreneur and a “Fighting Fungus”:

A woman in Bangladesh with ties to the IPM Innovation Lab is not only innovating Trichoderma, but the ways women find work in her community. 

The IPM Innovation Lab is currently working on a project that will map invasive species and climate change within the CHAL region of Nepal. 

Virginia Tech Provides Key Intel in U.S. and Egyptian-led Battle Against a Major Pest

The IPM Innovation Lab creates an assessment that will help Egypt prepare for the potential destruction of the Fall Armyworm.