What’s New?

How is the IPM Innovation Lab changing the world?

Integrated Pest Management Practices Bring Over $12 Billion to the Developing World 

Ecological strategies are improving livelihoods and bringing economic benefits to developing countries.   

New Study Reveals Natural Enemies of Fall Armyworm in Both Asia and Africa

With the help of a number of collaborators, the IPM Innovation Lab has found that some of the same natural enemies of the fall armyworm present in Africa, are also present in Asia. 

Virginia Tech Partners with Nepal to Provide Pesticide Safety Training

The training, conducted over Zoom, will help Nepali farmers more safely dispose of and apply pesticides, among other things. 

Farmer-focused Partnership Leads to Improvement, Innovation of Cambodia’s Rice Sector

One of the strategies to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable tools is building linkages between farming communities and the private sector. The IRRI-IPM Innovation Lab partnership hosts trade fairs to provide farmers with opportunities to access information.

A Guide to Biological Control of the Fall Armyworm in Africa Using Egg Parasitoids 

The IPM Innovation Lab has trained dozens of researchers on methods of mass-production and release of natural enemies to be used against the fall armyworm.